Image Name Composition Packing Size
VEEFEROL D3 Nano Shots Vitamin D3 / CHOLECALCIFEROL 60,000 IU (Butterscoth Flavour) 5ml 4x1 (Metalic cover)
MESOCID (MANGO) Magaldrate 400mg & Simethicone 20 mg (Sugar Free) Mango Flavoured 170ml
MESOCID (ELAICHI) Magaldrate 400mg & Simethicone 20 mg (Sugar Free) Elaichi Flavoured 170ml
BE 12G 200 Omega-3 Fatty Acids, L-Glutathione, Green Tea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Grape Seed Extract, Garlic Extract, Antioxidant, Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Elements 200 Ml (METALIC COVER)
MAGICENZYME 200 Fungal Diatase (1:1200) 50mg & Papain 10mg with B Complex & Zinc Syrup 200ml (WITH COVER)
GROWHEP Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride & Tricholine Citrate (With Sorbitol Base) 200ml (WITH COVER)
LYVITA 200 Lycopene 1000 mcg, Multivitamin, Multiminerals & Antioxidants syrup (Mixed Fruit Flavour) 200ml (WITH COVER)
ACTVFERON XT Ferrous Ascorbate 30mg, Folic Acid 550mcg & Zinc Sulphate 25mg 150 ml (WITH COVER)
ORNGCAL 200 Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc & Vit D3 suspension (Orange Flavour) 200ml (Metalic Pack)
VITAGRACE Multivitamins A, E, Thiamine, B6, Niacinamide, B12, Zinc Magnesium, Multi Minerals & Antioxidants Syp (Mixed Fruit Flavour) 200 ml (Metalic Pack)